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  • Limobasics pack

    Limobasics pack

    The Limobasics pack contains four different garments:
    - a kimono t-shirt with long sleeves;
    - baby pants with feet;
    - a newborn baby hat;
    - a bib (a newborn bib in the 50 and 56 size packs, a bib with velcro in the 62 size packs);
    all of them of the same colour.
    An original gift, practical and economical at the same time (saving of more than 10% on the original price of the four garments)
    Material: 100% cotton rib.
    Available en all limo colours.

    Composition: 100% organic cotton
    Washing machine at 30ºC

    35,95 €
  • cybex cover for aton Q car seat model

    cybex cover for aton Q car seat model

    Summer cover for CYBEX Aton Q. Withthis case your baby will be cool and will prevent sweat during the summer. In addition it also protects the seat from scratches, food, milk, etc.
    It's easily removed and washed without the need to remove all the textile of the seat.

    -Ideal for the hot summer months.
    -Easy to clean.
    -Avoid excessive sweating of your baby.
    -Highly absorbent.
    -Made of towelcloth.
    -It fits perfectly to your stroller.

    Composition: 85% cotton and 15% polyester (excluding lining)
    Machine wash.
    Color: White.
    Brand: Cybex.

    39,95 €
  • universal pushchair cover gaby grey

    universal pushchair cover gaby grey

    Gaby universal summer pushchair cover in grey, ideal for covering the pushchair and so that your baby is cool during the summer months. A back with an anti-perspiration material that keeps the baby from sweating too much and protects the seat, making the walk more comfortable. It has various openings (buttonholes) and adjustment to adapt it to most pushchairs. Our pushchair covers are manufactured according to the most demanding European standards. Walking Mum protects your baby using the best fabrics. All materials are free from azo dyes and noxious substances harmful to your baby’s health. Walking Mum by Pasito a pasito pram and pushchair covers.

    Composition: 48% cotton, 48% polyester and 4% elastane
    Brand: Walking Mum

    35,00 €
  • rain jacket green

    rain jacket green

    All rain and no play? Not with ELEPHANT MAN! Our bestselling number will brighten up any pouring day. The ultimate jacket for fun in the rain: unlined, straight cut and totally waterproof.

    We HEART the rain.

    Composition: 50% PES // 50% PU
    Coated wind- and waterproof fabric
    What to do when this cape is dirty or has stains? First try to wipe with a wet cloth and soap. If really necessary, it can be machine washed at 30 degrees, please use a delicate program. It's allergic to softener and bleach. Only dry hanging, do not tumble dry.

    Brand: Gosoaky

    59,95 €
  • bugaboo cameleon3 breezy sun canopy artic grey

    bugaboo cameleon3 breezy sun canopy artic grey

    Offers sun protection while allowing cool breezes through
    The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Breezy Sun Canopy is a multifuncional canopy which provides your child sun protection and extra ventilation on warm days. The glacier grey fabric provides sun protection of UPF 50+, is water- & oil- repellent and highly durable while the fine mesh allows cool breezes through.

    It provides a head-to-toe coverage and has a zip-up window for easy access to your child or for extra ventilation. Thanks to its innovative construction, you can arrange the canopy in the way that will give your child the best shade in every situation. With an integrated sunshade that pops out for extra shade.

    • protects your child: the breezy sun canopy provides UPF 50+ and is water- repellent (excl. integrated mesh parts)
    • extendable sun canopy: unzips to give extra coverage and ventilation
    • multifunctional sun canopy: offers head -to -toe sun coverage and mosquito protection
    • zip up window for easy access and ventilation
    • provides sun protection and shade

    Available in color: grey, soft pink, ice blue, and khaki Compatible with: Bugaboo Camaleon.
    IMPORTANT! Please note that if your camaleon is an old version before camaleon3, and your canopy doesn’t allows for the third zipper position to open, you'll need to buy the new Bugaboo Cameleon³ Sun Canopy clamps

    Delivery time: 2 working days (Peninsula)

    Do not see the color you want on the web? Contact us via email to info@limobebe.com or phone 902550883

    74,95 €
  • baby sunglasses mint

    baby sunglasses mint

    Kietla is a brand of sunglasses for French-born baby. They managed to make a product very trbajado both in design and functionality.

    A very current frame, especially designed for small bold!

    The mounts are designed for smaller since they are completely flexible so they can grab them and bend them as much as they want. Thus frames contain no small piece as screws or other material to bond the pins to the frame, it is a whole piece. Very light, soft and unbreakable, made of hypoallergenic elastomer for optimum comfort (without hinges = 0 pinching!). Round and enclosure for total protection from UV rays shape.

    A reversible mount 2 sizes in 1 which fits perfectly to the baby's face and development.

    Maximum protection: shatterproof lenses and anti-scratch category 4 (filter out 100% of UVA and UVB rays).
    Dimensions: width 90 mm, height 32 mm lens.

    The glasses are sold in a bag of organic cotton and with:
     - An elastic band.
     - An explanatory booklet.

    Available in 3 sizes: 0-1.5 years, 1-2.5 years and 2-4 years.
    Brand: Ki ET LA

    25,00 €
  • scented baby water

    scented baby water

    Talc scented body water with organic extracts of calendula, refreshes the skin of the child by giving an immediate feeling of softness and clean. No alcohol, suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin of babies, helps to keep the skin soft and perfumed. To be applied after bathing or after the change. Vaporize the product being careful not to point directly to the face of the child.

    Capacity: 150ml
    Brand: Linea Mamma Baby

    13,80 €
  • rice starch

    rice starch

    100% naturally derived, our Baby Rice is perfect for baby wash, softening and refreshing the whole body. Rice starch comes from rice, which is firstly softened, then minced, sieved and in the end pulverized. The Baby wash is very important for the newborn, it must therefore grant a correct and careful hygiene. Differently from adults in fact, the newborn’s pH is not acid enough and his sweating is not sufficient as well, a defence against bacteria must therefore be created through the baby wash. Diaper-area, armpits and face are more vulnerable to bacteria proliferation and consequently they need a particular care, both during the washing and during the drying. Rice starch dissolved in water is the most delicate solution for the baby wash, it is an excellent remedy against reddening and it soothes and softens the skin. Rice starch can be a great help for grown-ups as well, especially during summer, after sunburns and rashes.

    Capacity: 150g
    Brand: Linea Mamma Baby

    4,80 €
  • baby wipes

    baby wipes

    Baby wipes are carefully made to gently clense the skin of the baby, enriched with vegetable oil, almond oil, aloe, panthenol(pro-vitamin B5). Physiological pH.

    Special formula without sodium laureth sulfate (sles), peg, alcohol and formaldehyde donors, dermatologically tested. 100% compostable viscose, biodegradable and recycling packaging.

    Natural Cosmetics Certification – ICEA

    Capacity: 20 units
    Brand: Linea Mamma Baby

    4,20 €
  • baby soap

    baby soap

    Our liquid soap has a delicate formula, which is enriched with protective elements and glyceric extracts from organic farming Cardamom and Olive. Our Baby Soap is perfect to cleanse hands and body, it makes your skin clean, velvety and moisturized. According to numerous traditions, Cardamom is a very precious spice: in India it is considered such a timid and delicate plant, that it can only be touched and picked up by women’s hands. In Kashmir, Cardamom seeds are enclosed in bracelets jewels worn by brides as a symbol of the restoring nourishment they will bestow on their husbands. Cardamom has revitalizing powers, it tones the skin up, it is anti-septic and purifying.

    Capacity: 500ml
    Brand: Linea Mamma Baby

    7,80 €
  • shower gel bagno

    shower gel bagno

    “Baby Bath” is a specific cleanser for the most sensitive kinds of skin. It is based on delicate surfactants and glyceric extracts of Cardamom, Olive and Beet Sugar, coming from organic farming. Cardamom provides a toning up effect and helps making the skin of your baby soft and velvety. Betain is a natural substance extracted from the Beet Sugar. Thanks to its high solubility in water it repairs and protects the skin and it is used as a natural moisturizer.

    Capacity: 500ml
    Brand: Linea Mamma Baby

    7,80 €
  • pochette travel bag

    pochette travel bag

    We thought to protect our products in a small clutch bag, just like mothers protect their children in the belly during pregnancy. 
    Sapone Baby, Bagno Baby, Doccia Shampoo Baby, Olio di Mandorle Dolci Baby:

    All our products are small-size, suitable for journeys and gifts for newborns.
    Ideal for the plane, Linea MammaBaby Clutch Bag complies with the current regulation on the transport of liquids. 
    Inside the Clutch Bag there are four PET bottles with flip-top cap, for a gradual outflow of the product.

    Capacity: 100 ml each bottle
    Brand: Linea Mamma Baby

    21,80 €


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